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Cisco Systems has been round for many years in the computer industry. They are the leading manufacturer of network helps the network routers, you can find them on almost any business or large Corporation. Needless to say these routers and switches can be highly complicated and sometimes temperamental. Having qualified people can keep networks up and running save corporations thousand dollars a year in man-hours. When the best advantages of having a Cisco certification is they all pay very well starting at around $60,000 a year. Read on and find out more about the different types of Cisco certifications.

Cisco Certification that are available:

The widely respected Cisco Career Certifications bring valuable, measurable rewards to network professionals, their managers, and the organizations that employ them. Cisco offers three levels of general certification: Associate, to Professional, to Expert (representing the highest level of achievement). Each is available in various paths (or tracks) such as Routing and Switching, Network Security, and Service Provider. A variety of Cisco Qualified Specialist certifications are available as well to show knowledge in specific technologies, solutions or job roles.

CCIE certification - For over ten years, CCIE certification has identified internetworking professionals with the highest level of expertise, those capable of tackling the most challenging assignments in their field. CCIE certification is attained in technical specialties referred to as tracks.
Interested in CCIE certification? You should know that:

  • CCIE is the most respected high-level certification, recognized worldwide as the "doctorate" of networking.
  • Certified CCIEs are a highly-select group. Less than 3% of Cisco certified professionals become CCIEs.
  • Passing the exams is not easy. Hands-on experience is the best preparation.

Exams are the core of the CCIE program
Training is not the CCIE program objective. Rather, the focus is on identifying those experts capable of understanding and navigating the subtleties, intricacies and potential pitfalls inherent to end-to-end networking. To become certified as a CCIE you must pass BOTH a written qualification exam AND the corresponding hands-on lab exam in one of the CCIE tracks.

Written Exams are two-hour, multiple choice, computer-based exams available at authorized testing centers worldwide.
Lab exams are eight-hour, hands on exams that test the ability to configure and troubleshoot equipment and are offered at selected Cisco locations. Check Scheduling links below for more information

There are many Cisco Certifications, below are a few and also check out for more info.

Access Routing and LAN Switching Certifications

  • Cisco Access Routing and LAN Switching Sales Specialist
  • Cisco Access Routing and LAN Switching Specialist

Cable Communications Certifications

  • Cisco Cable Communications Sales Specialist
  • Cisco Cable Communications Specialist 1

Content Networking Certifications

  • Cisco Content Networking Specialist
  • Cisco Content Networking Sales Specialist

IP Telephony Certifications

  • Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist
  • Cisco IP Telephony Express Specialist
  • Cisco IP Telephony Operations Specialist
  • Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist
  • Cisco Unified Communications Design Specialist

Network Management Certifications

  • Cisco Network Management Sales Specialist
  • Cisco Network Management Specialist

Optical Certification

  • Cisco Optical Specialist

Public Access Certifications

  • Cisco Public Access Design Specialist
  • Cisco Public Access Support Specialist

Storage Networking Certifications

  • Cisco Storage Networking Design Specialist
  • Cisco Storage Networking Support Specialist
  • Cisco Storage Networking Sales Specialist

VPN and Security Certifications

  • Cisco Firewall Specialist
  • Cisco IDS Specialist
  • Cisco VPN Specialist
  • Cisco VPN/Security Sales Specialist

Wireless LAN Certifications

  • Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Sales Specialist
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist
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